The Sky’s the Limit

Convenient Cloud Services

Cloud computing has revolutionised the way businesses work. Your operations become instantly more efficient as files and systems are available even when working remotely. That gives your team the power to adapt, collaborate and compete like never before. You can even choose to limit what employees can and can’t access.

South Pacific IT can:

  • Move your files safely to the cloud
  • Source and install cloud systems and software
  • Make sure you have enough storage space
  • Keep your files secure
  • Enable remote access and collaboration
  • Let you manage your business from anywhere
  • Limit your team’s access to your business sensitive files


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Case Studies


Challenge: Claypave had a server and workstations that were slow and out of date. They knew they needed a modern upgrade to be truly competitive. The upgrade had to be completed during normal business hours, but the client didn’t wantRead more “Claypave”

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