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Handy Managed Services

Experience peace of mind, lower capex and reduced business risks. Let South Pacific IT manage your technology. You can focus on your business and stay ahead of your competitors. Our professionals will keep you working with the latest systems. Plus, we’ll fix any problems, often before you know they exist!

South Pacific IT can:

  • Act as your IT department
  • Keep software up to date
  • Manage hardware repairs
  • Keep your team and systems online
  • Ensure your technology is cutting-edge
  • Secure your systems and data
  • Support your team’s IT queries


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Case Studies


Challenge: Claypave had a server and workstations that were slow and out of date. They knew they needed a modern upgrade to be truly competitive. The upgrade had to be completed during normal business hours, but the client didn’t wantRead more “Claypave”

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